What Our DocShoppers Say About Us

"I don't know anyone that loves to order supplies. I was looking for a one-stop-shop, I was looking for the best prices and a place that had all my suppliers. In life, it's really easy to make things difficult. It's extremely difficult to make things easy and DocShop Pro has taken that one piece of the puzzle of ordering supplies and made it pretty easy for me."


Dr. Jeffrie C Leibovitz, DPM

"Doc Shop Pro has singlehandedly streamlined efficiencies and costs in our inventory. We have multiple offices and keeping up with which doctors like what in each location, along with what vendor had the best price this week, was putting a strain on staff and the bank account. DocShopPro gets me the best price, has the best customer support and gets me my supplies quickly. Their platform allows any staff member to order exactly the product that we use, no SKU or special search words are needed. Highly recommend." 

- Nicole Baylinson, Practice Administrator

"The one thing that I couldn't live without in my practice (other than my patients, of course) is DocShop Pro. From gauze to injectables to treatment chairs and beyond, DocShop Pro provides me with the best products at the best price. The DocShop team is incredibly helpful and friendly and I receive my office supplies within a day or two after ordering them. Thank you DocShop Pro for making purchasing office supplies so easy!"

- Dr. Sharon Monter, DPM

"I have been a user of DocShop from their beginning and have never looked back. Even when I went to my previous wholesaler and asked them for their "BEST" pricing on all my inventory, DocShop still beat it by 12%!! For those of you looking for a way to "make" money in your practice, how about spending less on supplies and ordering from DocShop! The customer service is also top-notch. When I needed a new stool to match the treatment chair I had, DocShop went out and got me a list of all the colors to make sure I ordered the correct one. I highly recommend DocShop!"

- Dr. Alan Bass, DPM

"Docshop Pro is exceptional in their extensive selection, their pricing, and most important to our practice their customer service. In these times when getting supplies is especially difficult, they are there for the customers. And as a shout out especially Dawn Roberson. If there is any problem Dawn is so on it. Thank you Docshop Pro and Dawn."

- Dr. Jeffrey A. Schoen, DPM

"Professional and fast! The service at DocShop Pro and my customer service representative, Jill, are excellent! Far exceeds my expectations. Thank you DocShop."

- Dr. Arti Amin, DPM