Terms and Conditions

DocShop Pro LLC Terms and Conditions


  • There are no minimum orders quantities unless specifically noted on the product page
  • Visit our "How to Order" page for more info.


  • Payment may be made via secure credit card authorization at checkout or;
  • Payment may be made with NET 30 payment terms by utilizing Resolve (an alternative payment option allowing you to order now, pay later once approved)

Shipping, Handling, Damages & Returns


  • The customer shall be responsible for any cost of collection.
  • All terms are subject to change without notice.


  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • Prices do not include freight charges, though freight is free on most orders over $175.00 USD. Some exceptions apply, please see Shipping and Returns Policy.


  • Equipment and supplies illustrated and specified on the DocShop Pro LLC's website are subject to modification consistent with product availability or other factors warranty.
  • DocShop Pro offers no warranty (written or implied) on products purchased through the website. In cases where the manufacturer includes a warrantee card or an extended warranty, contact the manufacturer directly for complete warranty information.


  • Only qualified professionals are allowed to purchase Ultrasound and FDA-regulated Modalities. They are only to be used in a medical setting by qualified personnel. If you do not qualify or have intentions to use these devices in a manner that is not federally approved, you are restricted from purchasing these products from DocShop Pro LLC.


  • DocShop Pro is required by law to collect sales tax in certain jurisdictions. If appropriate, DocShop Pro will add the proper amount of tax (state, and, if any, local and transit) to your order.
    If your organization is tax-exempt, please click here to provide your certificate.

Partnership Privileges

Only pre-approved shoppers may make a purchase from DocShop Pro LLC and only licensed partners can purchase certain items.