Veritor Lab Combo (1) Analyzer + (2) Flu Lab Test Kit

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Product Description

Lab Combo Pack Veritor 1 - Analyzer 256066, 2 - Flu Kit 256041 The BD Veritor System Influenza A + B Clinical Kit is a rapid diagnostic medical test designed for the accurate and reliable detection of Influenza A + B. It detects nucleoprotein antigens from a nasopharyngeal wash, aspirate and swab in transport media samples from patients. State-of-the-art Technologies. Designed with advanced particle technology, the Veritor System Influenza A + B Clinical Kit enhances sensitivity by using a proprietary process that produces highly stable and modified colloidal metal particles that aid with improved test performance. It features a unique adaptive read technology that increases specificity which reduces false-positive results. The InfoScan Module improves traceability and provides better connectivity. Fast and Reliable Results. Made to create an improved and flexible workflow, the Veritor System Influenza A + B Clinical Kit reduces a medical personnel's hands-on-time and features two modes, Analyze Now and Walk-Away, that provides test results which helps doctors or medical personnel decide on treatment while the patient is on site. These accurate results are ready after a 10-minute incubation for Flu A + B and after a 5-minute incubation for Group A Strep. KIT CONTENTS (1) BD 256066 Veritor System Analyzer Module (1) BD Veritor Plus Analyzer (1) Instructions for Use Manual (1) USB Port Unlock Barcode Label (1) AC Power Adapter (1) BD Verification Cartridge (2) BD 256041 Flu A+B moderately complex (30 x2) Test Devices (30 x2) Tubes RV Reagent C (30 x2) Pipettes (1 x2) Positive Control Swab (1 x2) Negative Control Swab


  • Manufacturer #: 256073
  • Supplier: Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC
  • Contains Latex: No
  • Sterile: No
  • Manufacturer: BD
  • RX License Required: No
  • Unit of Measure: Each