Gauze Sponge Post-Op Sterile Non-Woven 4" x 3" 4-Ply 2's, 25/Box

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Product Description

Gauze Sponge Non-Woven Sterile 4" x 3" 4-Ply 2's, 25/Bx Sterile, non-woven gauze pads with two pads were individual wrapped packaged. Packaged in an easy to open box to make handling easier and more efficient. The outer layer is constructed of highly absorbent non-woven fibers. For convenience, each sponge can be cut to fit any size wound. 4-ply layering for enhanced fluid retention. Non-woven gauze is preferable to woven gauze in open wound dressing due to lower risk of disrupting the wound bed and a lower risk of infection. Latex free. MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Ideal for all environments, the post-op sponges are designed for dressing open wounds, prepping, cleaning, and more. Theyre also great to have on hand for athletes, school nurses, lifeguards, ambulances, EMTs and at home first aid kits. MAXIMUM DETAILS: Each sponge is 4" x 3"", 4-ply that allow for ultimate absorption without sticking to the wound. Ease of removal helps minimize trauma to the wound site. Designed with superior quality with no exposed raw edges. OPTIMAL COMFORT: The advantage non-stick non-woven sponges have include lower risk of disrupting wound beds and lower risk of infections. Their non-woven material offers better wicking and more absorbency than single-layer sponges. HEALTHCARE NEEDS: Dealmed understands the changing climate of healthcare and how important it is to have an honest, dependable partner. As such, weve made it our goal to deliver a large selection of items at guaranteed low prices faster than ever before.


  • Product Name: Gauze Sponge Post-Op Sterile Non-Woven 4" x 3" 4-Ply 2's, 25/Box
  • Manufacturer #: 783043
  • Supplier: Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC
  • Contains Latex: No
  • Sterile: No
  • Manufacturer: Dealmed
  • RX License Required: No
  • Unit of Measure: 25/Box