CultureSwab Liquid Stuart Single Swabs, 50/Pk

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Overview for CultureSwab Liquid Stuart Single Swabs, 50/Pk The BD BBL? CultureSwab? Collection and Transport System is a specimen collection device made for enhanced convenience and advance performance characteristics. It is designed for hassle-free collection, preservation and transport of aerobic bacterial specimens to the laboratory for recovery of microorganisms. With its implemented innovations, the BBL? CultureSwab? Swab is made to provide superior performance for microorganism recovery. These swabs feature a secure double action cap that prevents the specimen from drying out or leakages which eliminates the need of recollection or cross contamination. The caps are color-coded to simplify the identification of the swabs for different applications. A longer, 5 1/4" shaft adds flexibility allowing for simpler-to-reach tough sampling sites. The swab tip is made of a non-toxic material that is neutral to microorganisms and patients. The BBL? tube contains a large polyurethane sponge that creates an ideal reservoir for liquid samples during transportation. It also has a rounded bottom design that allows tubes to stand upright in common stands and a tamper-evident seal to ensure single-use application. The combination of all BBL? CultureSwab? System advancement delivers a dependable, simple and efficient tool that aids enhance laboratory productivity and work efficiency. Reliable Packaging. The BBL? CultureSwab? shows a truly improved strength, durability and functionality of packaging technology. The nitrogen gas is used to create a protective "blanket" while the Vi-Pak foil wrap protects it from unwanted oxidation and moisture exposure. At the same time, the Collection and Transport System features a multi-layer, film packaging that ensures a waterproof product placement that protects the media from evaporation prior to use.


  • Manufacturer #: 220099
  • Supplier: Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC
  • Contains Latex: No
  • Sterile: No
  • Manufacturer: BD
  • RX License Required: No
  • Unit of Measure: Each