We updated our website!   WHAT'S NEW>

Welcome to our updated DocShop Pro shopping experience!

We appreciate all of our loyal customer's feedback.

We've listened to you and we've made some updates:


√ Find what you need faster with simpler navigation

√ Compare all vendor options for a product on one quick view

√ More up to date stock status from our partners

√ Utilize the new wish list to saved items before moving them to your cart later

√ Store your payment options in your account for easy check-out

√ Improved content and Images

Why was the website updated?

  • We value our customers' opinions and we’ve received valuable feedback to improve our overall online marketplace shopping experience.

What changed on the website?

  • The overall look of the site is refreshed with simpler navigation.

  • It's easier to find products on our marketplace and compare all the options from a variety of vendors.

  • Out of stock items will not be available for purchase (as long as our suppliers have notified us in real-time).

  • Multiple emails can be used to login for one business and order notifications can be sent to all of those emails (this feature is coming soon).

  • Spending and approval tools will be built in to allow for better cost control and multi-site ordering capabilities (this feature is coming soon).

  • How will I find products on the website?

  • Products can be found by browsing categories or utilizing the search bar. When reviewing the product, you will now see all the available options from each manufacturer (including available sizes, options, etc) in one location for comparison shopping.

  • What changed with the check-out process?

  • You will now have the ability to save credit card information!

  • You can now use ACH or e-check to pay at time of purchase (this feature is coming soon).

  • You can still use a credit card at time of purchase or use Net 30 Terms through Resolve.

  • Has my order history remained the same?

  • Your order history has remained the same for your account and the details have been enhanced.

  • What is changing with shipping my order(s)?

  • Order tracking notifications in real-time should improve. We will be continue to work with our suppliers on more up to date shipping information.

  • Is there going to be a membership fee for using DocShop Pro?

  • No. There will continue to be no membership fees for using DocShop Pro.