Never Run Out

Never Overstock

Never Overpay

Simply put, these three statements are the guiding principles behind why DocShop Pro was formed. As a podiatry focused company, our goal is to help make your office run more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably… without the headaches or the frustrations that your staff has become accustomed to.

About DocShop Pro

The DocShop Pro Integrated ePurchasing and Supply Manager Program allows you to order directly from major manufacturers and distributors all from one intuitive order platform. Access major supplier catalogs, with incredible savings via DocShop Pro’s negotiated pricing and start saving instantly.

How It Works


Available exclusively to licensed physicians, DocShop Pro users can now manage your inventory seamlessly and instantly by utilizing the DocShop Pro Supply Manager to create low-inventory thresholds which notify your purchasing director that a product needs to be restocked. With a tablet tracking system that requires no bar codes, no printing and no headaches – anyone in your office can routinely update your supply count and ensure that whomever is in charge of purchasing knows when they need to reorder.

With clear shipping maps and expected delivery dates, your team can set the re-order/notification thresholds appropriately to ensure that your office gets what it needs, when it needs it, at the best price period. With tools such as expiration tracker, your staff can make sure that you sell, give away or dump the products that are expiring on your shelves, prior to them being worthless.

With a dedicated DocShop Pro Account Manager available to service your practice, your team can condense the number of suppliers to call down and you can streamline your invoice tracking and pricing by utilizing DocShop Pro’s Spend Reports.

Best of all…it’s free to join, free to use, free to try out and free to get setup with.

What’s the Catch?

Simply put, there is none. The DocShop Pro platform has been built to help maximize your practice's performance and enhance the financial well being of your business.

A Few of Our Partners, Vendors, Brands, Manufacturers Include:



You will notice that the prices on our web site are not visible without login. The reason is simple, our prices for are so far below minimum advertised pricing guidelines that the Manufacturer REQUIRE that we not display them publicly.